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Growing up and parenting, even under the best circumstances, are full of challenges. When you or your child is struggling it makes each of those challenges even more difficult. I completed fellowship training at MGH/McLean and am board certified in Adult Psychiatry and in Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. I specialize in helping adults and children navigate these difficult times whether they are brought on by life stressors, grief, behavior patterns, or illness. I work with individuals and their families to evaluate their circumstances, to provide personalized recommendations, and to address their concerns so that they may return to a more comfortable, peaceful way of life.

If you are seeking individual therapy, parent guidance, CBT, or family therapy, please call to discuss how we can work together to reach your short or long-term goals. 

In addition to my private practice, I work at a local hospital offering psychiatric evaluations and thoughtful medication management for children and adolescents. I also provide guidance to parents with cancer and other significant medical problems about ways to talk to children about illness and how to help children while the parent is ill or receiving treatment.